Mobile Bartending


BARETC” was born from the desire of its creators to share their experience and offer high-quality Mobile Bartending Services at your social and corporate events.
What is Mobile Bartending?
Mobile bartending is a specialized bar catering service provided in private spaces (homes, etc.) as well as, of course, in professional venues (event and conference halls, hotels, museums, food establishments, bars, beach bars, etc.), and includes the provision of full logistic support and trained staff.
Being fully specialized in mobile bartending, “BARETC” undertakes to serve your guests from the moment they arrive until the very last moment of your event, while also providing its particularly stylish professional equipment, excellent supplies and expert staff.
It collaborates with the largest event planning companies in Greece and abroad, meeting the strictest demands and offering a high standard of services.
Its constant collaboration with well-known bartenders, who put all their professionalism, knowledge and inspiration into creating Classic and Tailor-Made Cocktails for you, will leave the best possible aftertaste at the end of your event.
The elements that make up “BARETC”, its constant drive, as well as its knowledge, quality and aesthetics are what make it successful and guarantee the success of your event…
Let us share it all…





BARETC” is here to cover your needs and fulfill your wishes on your special occasions.From our very first meeting with you, we employ our excellent organizational skills and imagination to plan your event, always seeking new ideas and unique proposals up until the moment they are realised, at which point you will certainly be highly impressed by the overall aesthetics and taste we have created.
Weddings / Christenings / Birthdays / Celebrations / Children’s Parties / Graduation Parties, e.t.c.


BARETC” together with our trained staff, we are here to ensure the successful organization of all your professional events, creating the right conditions for an event that is perfectly suited to your business.

Exhibitions / Openings / Seminars / Product Presentations, e.t.c.


BARETC” undertake to organize your business by training your staff, setting up your bar and recommending suitable equipment and the best materials to create a successful menu for your business.

Furthermore, “BARETC” can also provide ongoing supervision of the proper operation of your business and staff..

training guidance
baretc training
baretc training
baretc training


BARETC’s specialized proposals are adapted to the needs and style of your event, adding a unique touch and offering special moments that will certainly remain unforgettable…

  • Unique proposals for theme bars
  • Appearance of award-winning guest bartenders from abroad
  • Participation of bartenders specializing in the art of Flair & Fire and Flair Bartending
  • Remarkable ice sculptures
  • Unique molecular cocktails made by applying molecular mixology



Τ. +30 210 9237902
F. +30 210 9242265

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